A downloadable demo for Windows

In the middle of the sunken coliseum, a giant await.

Fun historical theory: The Roman Coliseum were used to mock naval battle.


Tronheim is a 3rd person boss battling demo. The goal is to defeat the boss as he warps you through different realities. The boss gets stronger as you progress, so make sure to collect blocks that buff, heal and speed up the character.

The boss will require full player concentration to over come as certain things will work differently based on the world you've warped into. (Ex: Buffs become stronger, but maybe health gain will lower)

Make sure to use the environment to your advantage, although some of obstacles will disappear from world to world.

Have fun battling our Boss!

Used existing asset: 

- Dynamic Combat System

- Infinity Blade adversaries


  • Move - WASD 
  • Dodge - E 
  • Attack - LMB 
  • Run - Shift 
  • Look around - Mouse 
  • Focus on target - Tab

Developed by:

+ Ben P (BGM)
+ David L (SFX)
+ Dennis S (Programmer)
+ Gage B (VFX)
+ Louis V (Programmer)

More Video:


JanusLab_Tronheim v1.0.0-rc0 554 MB

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